Asbestos abatement and removal has been Environmental Assurance’s primary business since 1991. Our experience covers every aspect of asbestos abatement, including commercial, industrial and institutional settings in the greater Chicago, Illinois and entire Midwest area.

Environmental Assurance works very hard to only hire and maintain the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the industry. Our team provides a wide range of expertise which allows us to handle any task in a safe and effective manner.

Environmental Assurance takes particular pride in our ability to quickly mobilize and implement corrective action to overcome the mistakes of others, enabling the client’s work productivity to proceed while maintaining compliance with all applicable government regulations. Consultants and owners across the country have made Environmental Assurance the contractor of choice for asbestos abatement projects throughout the Midwest.

Our exemplary EMR and OSHA incident rates attest to our promotion of a safe work environment in this dangerous industry.

Asbestos Abatement

Upon completion of a project, Environmental Assurance provides every client with a complete closeout package containing all the pertinent documentation compiled during the project. This can help prevent future liabilities related to the project or property. The closeout package consists of the following:

  • Project notification to the appropriate regulatory agencies involved.
  • Certification verifying that the work was completed per the applicable regulations.
  • Local, state and federal certification of licensing and training for all personnel on site during the project.
  • Contractor licensing of Environmental Assurance for the applicable work and discipline performed.
  • Insurance certification showing coverages, including lead, mold and asbestos abatement.
  • Certification that waste was transported and disposed of properly at an EPA approved landfill.
  • Air sampling reports documenting conditions before, during and after the project.
  • Written logs from the on-site supervisor for the daily operations of the project.

Our closeout package is not the last step in the process, as Environmental Assurance is always on hand to meet our client’s environmental needs long after the project is done.